Things You Should Never Ask Your Husband

Marriage comes with a lot of compromise but the great thing about compromise is that it goes beyond expectations, which can be extremely helpful to your marriage; and some expectations of your husband—or of your marriage—are unrealistic. There is always a line between that which is acceptable and which is not.
 Even though marriage is all about understanding one another, tolerating one another, been free with one another and all that, here are some things you should never ask of your husband as they come with expectation that in reality he can’t live up to:

1. To Choose Between You And His Mother: Whatever problem you are having with his mother, may be you are not getting equal priority as his mother, don’t ever ask him to choose between you and his mother. Just swallow that problem for the sake of your relationship. There is no direct answer to choosing between you and his mum, so just keep the suggestion to yourself and look for ways to manage the problem instead.

2. To Listen To You Like A Female Friend Would: Men and women tend to have different goals with communication, with men concerned about identifying and fixing problems, and women expressing feelings and connecting emotionally. You should never ever expect him to listen to your gossip as a female friend as it would surely make him frustrated. Even if he pretends most times to listen to your gossip, more than half of the time, he is just not interested. They have other things bothering them and the last thing they want to do is sit around listen to gossips that would definitely not help solve the problem. Most times, they want you to do less talking and listen more to them instead.

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3. To Never Notice Another Woman: Girl, forget it! Men are genetically programmed to notice women in general. Don’t get me wrong here, because I am not saying that you should let your husband ogle other woman and be totally fine with it. Looking is natural, and it’s not even unhealthy as long as it’s “just looking”. If your husband is full-on flirting with another woman, then you can confront him about his behavior. But, you don’t expect him to not notice other women when they pass! And because of this, you need to step up your game by always trying to stay in shape and appear queenly to him so he doesn’t take it beyond “looking” at other women!

4. To Have The Same Interests As You: Enjoy the similar interests you have, but also enjoy the different ones, because they keep him and you happy. Plus, having different interests keeps things interesting between you both. But don’t ever make it an issue if your husband is not having the same interests as you. Like every person has its own way of living, same way every person has its own interest.

5. To Not Hang Out With His Friends: It’s obvious expecting during the first couple of years of marriage that you want to spend time together and to have him want the same thing. But in the long run, in a healthy relationship it is important to have other people to spend time with. So let your husband hang out with his friends. Don’t nag him for wanting to do it. You may not like the result.

6. To Make More Money: Well, I know we all like good things. Every lady wants to be seen riding her own car, wearing very expensive clothes and jewelries, shop in the most expensive stores and all that. But, please, don't ever ever ask your husband why he is not making enough money (especially when you remind him of someone who started working not long and is already rich). You would think you are trying to challenge him to do better but you are actually sending the wrong message.

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So, that’s my own list of what not to say to your husband! Let’s hear your below!


  1. you forgot one important one dear:
    Wives, Don't ever ask your husband to hit the kitchen! Especially when you are fit and there is nothing wrong with you!



    well, unless he wants to prepare a special dish for you!

    I'm not even sure that is allowed!

    1. Hello Anon.

      I would have loved to write a long essay concerning your comment but seeing that your mind is already made up, I will just drop a line!

      There is no harm in helping your wife in the kitchen (too bad I don't even know if you are make or female).

      i'm a husband and father, and trust me, I enjoy every little moment I had with my wife in the kitchen! We experimented a lot and we shared many secrets there which I'm pretty sure we may not have had much time to discuss outside the kitchen!

      Infact, cooking time for the both of us means fun time and secret sharing time!

      I advise you try it and see what I mean!

      Besides, you will never know what your wife pass through in the kitchen until you have the experience with her. And I bet you will learn to appreciate her meals after that!

      Let me stop here!


  2. For me, I hate it when my wife asks me where I've been or what I spent my money on..

    Makes me feel awkward..
    She may feel she's just been concerned but I really hate it!

    Wish she can read this!

  3. #awesome post here. I will also add one.

    x) Don't ask him if he is cheating on you. Find it out first before questioning him.


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