Top Lists To Keep If You Want To Be Successful

Seriously, the human mind is truly incredible, and we all need to strive towards creating a tenacious memory we can rely on. Trust me, numerous doors that lead to a successful future are unlocked if one has a great memory and uses it well. Although beneficial, it is not an essential ingredient within the success formula; but what you lack in memory can always be compensated with diligence. Keeping track of crucial elements in your life through list-making is still an unrivaled tactic for counterbalancing feeble recollection. I personally have separate books for listing separate things! You never know how much it will help until you need something urgently and can’t find it anywhere in your memory/brain! This is the point that will fire you back to reality. And if you are that smart, from then on you will always have a notepad with you to list down important things you fear your brain may not remember when you need it!
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So, here are five suggested lists that warrant implementation, in order to track achievements and nurture ambition:

1. List of Goals:

Goals and ambitions are what drives and motivates us, but we need to ask ourselves what is it that we want in order to feel truly accomplished. Your list of goals should consist of all the items that you deem are necessary to truly respect yourself. It can be financial stability, a place you can call your own, starting your family, being independent, etc.

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2. List of Tasks:

Tasks are actually milestones on the road to goal completion, and these lists have a tendency to become quite copious. New tasks emerge on a daily basis, regardless of whether you are an employee, a student, or a freelancer. In the event you have larger tasks that need more than a day, a week or a month before they can be completed, break those tasks into smaller daily assignments, and put them on the list as well.

3. List of Contacts:

It would be delusional to assume you can make it all on your own; however, at the same time, a flawed partnership can result in disastrous outcome as well. It is extremely difficult to find compatible allies and contacts, since friends and family—in other words, people close to you—may not be the best choice for a business partner. If you want to enter into a partnership with someone, make sure the person shares the same vision. Tread lightly and try to ascertain your potential partner’s level of reliability. Keeping their contacts on a physical list (probably a phonebook) won’t hurt much! You never can trust you mobile phone; it could get formatted, stolen or missing.
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4. List of Expenses:

This may be a quite mundane piece of advice, yet it is very often neglected. As we all know, there are two types of expenses: those that are necessary, (bills, taxes, food) and those expenditures used for indulging some personal cravings. By making lists of all the monthly expenses we are obligated to pay, we’ll have a clear overview with how much resources are at our disposal. On the other hand, without this list filled with meticulous calculations, we are prone to believing that we have more freedom to engage in a shopping spree, ultimately causing our bills to pile up; thus, we end up a step closer to a financial suicide.

5. List of Useful Tools:

Useful tools are not only limited to recovering damage; they also encompass tools that make your job easier. With efficiency and a greater level of competence, you are a step closer toward success. Using the right apps and tools can make up for our lack of skills in a particular area, or simply help us manage our work in a more timely manner. Keeping a list of useful tools will come in handy whenever you are faced with more common problems, like finding a good restaurant for a business dinner, driving through unfamiliar terrain, task management, learning, and there are even tools capable of helping you recover stolen property.

6. Grocery List: 

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As minute as his may sound, it is actually necessary to put down a list of what you need in your kitchen. For me, I can compile a list for a week before heading to the market. For instance, when my milk or egg gets exhausted, I rush to my grocery book and put it down. When another item gets finished, I rush to the book and put it down too. On the day I need to go to the market, I just bring out y already made list and calculate the amoun needed and head to the market. See, very easy. But if I don’t do that, on the day I want to hit the market, I could spend close to 30minutes going round to see what’s not available. Sometimes I get to forget an item or two, and sometimes I could even write something I don’t need. Trust me, writing a list of your groceries before hand saves time and money. please, don't tell me only the women should do this; the men should even do it more to reduce excessive spending by their wives.

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So, with the above duly adhered to, I must say that your climb up the ladder of success will be an easy one.

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  1. Lol.. the grocery list got me thinking!

  2. Hmm.. looks like I'm going to add d contact list to my own lists now..


  3. I am all about lists... I have a list of goals that I change up... and I like have a list of tasks as I like crossing items of my list when I complete them.. I also make budget... it's helpful to see where all my money goes... usually groceries ... xox


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