Dos & Don’ts To Remember When Wearing A Mini Dress

Believe me when I say, girls LOVE dresses! Dresses make them look so pretty, chic and so feminine! Though most dresses are really easy to wear, some of them can be a little tricky to sport. There are various kinds of dresses, mini, maxi, long, knee-length, ball etc. I will be talking about the mini (really short) ones. Mini dresses are classy, yes, but it has so many dos and don’ts attached to wearing it. Mini dresses are those ones that are way above your knees!

Here’s a list of important dos and don’ts of wearing a mini dress that you definitely need to know:

1. Do Wear Cycling Shorts Under Your Dress:

No matter how cute they look, short dresses are prone to a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. If the wind decides to go against you, you could become a victim of a “Marilyn Monroe moment”. As a part of your prevention plan, always wear cycling shorts (or any short) under your dress and be prepared to stand against the wind! Please, don’t wear a short that will be obvious through the dress. Wear one that is fitted yet light enough to not be noticed.

2. Don’t Wear A Very Tight Dress:

Your dress should be snug enough to fit you at all the right places but not so tight that it borders on unflattering or looks like you’re trying too hard. If your dress is too tight, it will move up your thighs as you sit or move, which is so uncomfortable. 

Look for dresses with a proper fit. It is advisable to go short or tight, but not both! If you must combine both, go with a piece of clothing eg a large handkerchief, that will come to your aid when your dress tries to embarrass you!

3. Do Wear Thigh High Boots:

If you are worried about showing too much skin, then wearing a thigh high boot with your mini dresses is a great way to look chic without going over the top! You can also try pairing mini sweater dresses with thigh high boots. The trend is really in this season and will also keep you warm in this raining season.You can also wear a classy matching lingerie underneath.

4. Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories:

Your legs are your biggest accessory when you’re wearing a mini dress. Let them be the center of attention and keep the rest of your accessories simple. Groom your legs well and shine on! Don’t wear loads of chains or bracelets or anklets or huge dangling earrings! Just “keep it short and simple”!

5. Do Balance Your Proportions:

If you’re wearing a dress that is showing off a lot of your legs, try keeping the other parts of your body covered. The key is to balance out the proportions of the look and not make it too revealing. This is a good trick to keep in mind to stay classy in whatever you wear.

Go on ladies, rock that dress just the same way you rock your world! Do share pictures with me if you have rocked the chic look!


  1. Woah! Missed your posts girl!

  2. Glad to have you back!

  3. I love MINI dresses!!! Brings out my shape in full!

    Will try to keep these in mind though!


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