How To Regain Lost Energy After Giving Birth

Being a new mom is really exhausting at first. The needs of your baby can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. You begin to watch yourself struggling to lose that pregnancy weight. When you read about exercise, one wonders how she is supposed to find time to exercise. But here are some ideas to get you going in the right direction. 

These tips will surely help you get back that energy you have lost and also help lose that post-baby weight you have always wished will disappear:

1. Have fun. Run/walk up and down the stairway again and again. Leave the house and walk. Enjoy the beauty around you. Doing these will help you regain and recover the lost energy and stamina during pregnancy.

2. Forget the time. Don’t tell yourself that you feel busy with the first baby already! Fast forward five years later and imagine your child in the crib with two children in the back seat. Ah, then you will be very busy! Life does not slow down. Better times will not exist in the future. Now it's time to get into the habit of fabulous exercise and pampering.
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3. Involve a friend. If you are with a friend for lunch, insist on a walk after dinner together. Look for ways to stay active with others. Weekly meeting with another mom to exercise, whether with children or other adults. Or simply take turns watching the children while the other parent exercises for 20 minutes.

4. Plan. Pick a day and arrange the week’s to-do list. Schedule and plan your training time for the week. Eg TV during baby’s nap on Monday, cycling early before baby is up on Tuesday, walking 45 minutes on Wednesday after lunch, etc. Put it on your calendar and stick to it. A visit to the doctor will not fail, so these appointments essential for your health is not lost.

5. Set small goals and reach them. If the idea of finding time for a 45-minute workout makes you depressed, start with 10 minutes of exercise into your day, five days a week. Once you have established your routine, you can extend to 20 minutes on some days, or do sessions of 10 minutes during the day.
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6. Eat well. Don’t try to starve yourself in order to lose weight without exercising! It won’t help! Instead, you need all the food you can eat. Just make sure you make them balanced and consume them moderately. Focus on more fruits and vitamins. Avoid junks if you can! Remember your baby is also eating from you!

As your baby grows into a toddler, I bet you will be fit enough for any sudden bump again! Most importantly, you will defintely love the woman you have grown to be.
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Enjoy the little moments while it lasts and try to stay as healthy and as fit as you can!


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