Things To Know About Exercises And Staying Healthy

Do you know that children who exercise frequently have a healthy body weight than children who do not exercise? Exercise makes your bones strong, improves your heart and lungs, and makes your muscles strong. Exercise can also avert specific diseases that affect adolescents and young people. 
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Research shows that young people who exercise regularly burns more calories and use blood sugar more efficiently than those who do not exercise. This could protect developing type 2 diabetes. This should concern you because in recent years, a large number of health problems that doctors could see in adults are now seen in young people.

For example, 15 years ago; type 2 diabetes was rare in adolescents, but now accounts for nearly 50% of new cases of diabetes in young people. In fact, type 2 diabetes was called "adult diabetes," but the name was changed because many young people started developing the disease. Here is another thing to consider: children and adolescents who are overweight are more likely to become obese adults. If you start the healthy habit (like daily exercise) when you are young, you will be likely to continue when you're older. 
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New research also shows that exercise during adolescence (from 12 years) can help shield girls from breast cancer when they become older. It can help the affected person recover quickly without stress. Also, regular physical activity can help avert colon cancer later in life. The more time you spend watching TV or playing video games, the less time you have to be active. Not being active can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and even obesity (dangerously high weight), which can lead to type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These three conditions can affect your heart and make it easier for you to get certain diseases. Obesity can also affect your self-esteem, too.
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Staying Fit And Healthy
Being part of physical activity in your life, you can help protect your health! There are different ways to do similar exercise; running, walking, jumping, gym, cardio, cross section, obstacle courses, sports, etc. Our bodies need exercise for us to function properly; exercise stimulates the brain and helps with oxygen in the blood. Some of us do not have enough time to work on our diet properly, but remember that overall fitness of 100% is classified as- diet 70% and 30% gymnastics.
Drink water, water, and more water when the body needs it. You can also drink even when your body don't need it. Better to have more than less.

Adults, teens, children, old people, should all make drinking lots of water a habit. Water has always been an important drink and sustains life to man, and it is essential for the survival of most other organisms. Water represents about 70% of the mass of the human body. It is a fundamental component of metabolic processes and used as a solvent for many bodily solutes.

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So, before you start complaining about little or no time to exercise or plan your diet, first sit and think of the harm you will be causing yourself.

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I strongly recommend you include exercise and healthy balanced diet into your daily activities.

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