How To Know If He’s Playing Hard To Get Or Just Using You

You know, most times it can be hard to tell if a man is attracted to you but keeping his distance, or if he’s just using you! Well, the first thing to consider is that  real men don’t play hard to get! As simple as that! They see what they want and go after it. 
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However, that doesn’t mean they won’t play it cool. Because experience has taught them that being too available often makes women lose interest.
Now, if he’s just using you that’s a different story. Remember that men are not saints. Let’s look at how to tell if a guy likes you or if he’s playing hard to get or just using you.

The signs are right in front of you!

Here are the signs a guy is playing hard to get:
By hard to get, I mean hard to understand. These set of guys can tell you something with an expressionless face and you will be left wondering if they mean it the way they said it or if there is pun intended. 
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For instance, he may sound so “cool” you need an interpreter to know if he just asked you out. He says things like “what are you doing this weekend?” Or asks, “Do you like hiking?”, etc. you see, he’s fishing to ask you out without being straight forward. This is not actually the end of the world, but it’s not a good sign. If he plays so hard to get then you might want to be very cautious around him so you don’t get the wrong idea about his speeches.

Next, signs that a guy is using you:
When a guy is using you, he makes no plans at all. He’s spontaneous — in a bad way. His invitations are always in the moment, and often involves coming over to his house or yours. Using you has all the elements of selfishness, and they’re written all over his words and actions. 
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For instance, he could just call you from nowhere just to announce that he is standing in front of your house and wants you to open the door! Sometimes he could call you at work/school to tell you he’s coming over to take you to his place! Usually, these guys tend to be over-possessive but not always in a good way.

Well, the good news in both cases is that the solution to these set of guys is in your hands: 

Do you prefer a straight-forward man? Yes? Then:

If he’s playing it “cool” and asking you, “what you’re doing during the weekend?”
Say, “I have a few things to do but I have some free time, do you have something in mind?”
Give him a window and see what he does with it.
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On the other hand, if you suspect he’s using you, try saying, “I appreciate your offer to come over to your house, however, I don’t feel comfortable. What do you think about coming up with a different plan?”

In all cases, the key is to sort the men from the boys by asking for what works for you and letting men know what doesn’t. This inspires the right kind of men and gets rid of the wrong ones.
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I would love to share in your successful relationship experiences later! 
Stay cool!


  1. Just the truth dear!!

  2. I am hard to understand but that don't make me hard to get too!

    1. Then which one are you?

    2. I guess i an just a regular guy who doesn't want to use girls nor play hard to get!

  3. This is just the truth!
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