How To Prepare Ripe And Unripe Plantain Chips At Home

This is another snack Nigerians really love! It is an easy to make and also easy to sell snack (for those looking at the profitable aspect). I got a mail for it and I really had to put it up.

Aside chin-chins (read How To Prepare Soft Yummy Chin-Chin), plantain chips are super duper yummy snacks. That takes less time and effort to prepare and always come out good as long as you follow the recipe and do it right.  To begin, here's what you need to know. Plantain chips can be made from both ripe (slightly ripe or even over ripped) and unripe plantain. You can pick any based on your choice or even taste. The ripe plantain produces soft, sweeter, spicier, dark-colored chips but cant be stored for long. the spices used in preparation also settles well with the ripe one. The unripe one produces crunchy, sweet, bright-colored chips and stores well and long. the spices don't really settle well with the unripe plantain so you can use less spices here. That doesn't mean the taste of the spices doesn't appear in it. If you can, you can make both at once or pick your favorite.

Ripe plantains
Unripe plantains

So here's whats needed for the preparation:

- Plantain (Either ripe or unripe; its your choice)
- Salt to taste
- Powdered chilli pepper (as desired)
- Water 
- Onion (optional)
-Vegetable oil (enough to fry; preferably deep frying)

- Rinse and remove the peels from the ripe and unripe plantain and put into different bowls. If you are using just one, peel and place in a bowl.
- Add salt (to taste) into water in a bowl. Use enough water that'll accommodate all the sliced plantains.
- Slice the plantain to desirable sizes. It could be in circles or slanting lines. Most people use circular shapes for the ripe plantains and slanting lines for the unripe one. But you can use any shape you choose. You can even choose something different from the above two. 
- Pour the sliced plantains into the salt solution. This is to prevent the plantain from discoloring before use. In a case where you are preparing a large quantity, slice the plantains directing into the salt water. If you slice all before pouring, the ones at the bottom would have a different color from the ones on top,
- Once you are done slicing, turn on the stove (or any other heat source) and add your oil to start heating.
- Remove the plantain from the water and drain in a sieve as soon as the oil starts to heat.
- Sprinkle the chilli pepper, and pinch of salt (very little depending on the size you are frying though). Whirl the contents to ensure even distribution of the spice. You can leave for a few minutes to set if the oil is not yet sizzling hot.
- If you are using onion (not really needed), you can cut a few slices (one or two) and drop into the oil. Skip this method if you are preparing for public consumption and not personal.
- Deep fry in hot oil on medium heat until light yellow (for unripe plantain) or dark yellow (for ripe ones).
- Scoop into the sieve to drain excess oil when done.
- Leave to cool and serve as you desire. 
- You can also store in an airtight container if you don't finish at one.

So, that's it. As simple as ABC. If you are preparing for sale, you can start packaging your product as soon as it cools down a bit. Remember to package nicely, it helps a lot.
Share your experiences in the comment box below. Will love to hear them.


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