Things Men Find Unattractive About Women

The fact is that MOST women love to gossip. They can even discuss the smallest things that they notice men do wrong with their friends. Ladies, please don't gossip me for putting up this post! Lol! 

So, if the ladies love to gossip, what about the men? Does an average guy talk about stuffs women do even when he shouldn't? 

Does a guy whose occupation has nothing to do with fashion really understand anything about women's outfit, perfume, or makeup? Well, some do! In fact, most of them do. They could talk to their friends (and sometimes, themselves) about the little stuffs they cant put up with women or generally don't like.

I did a little snooping and got 10 things men find unattractive about women that the women actually keep doing (either knowingly or unknowingly).

Here are those stuffs most guys find unattractive:

1. Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth: Okay, forget guys, no one actually like to sit next to someone whose breath can upset your stomach! This one can go to the extent of making guys think thrice before asking you out no matter how pretty you are. Yellowish teeth and bad breath can be a turn off to the opposite sex. Think of what causes the problem and go find a solution. Do you smoke, or is it just your poor hygiene, or maybe you drink too much coffee, black tea, red wine or ate garlic/onion without brushing? In either case, do your best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Use whitening toothpaste or strips to make your smile brighter and carry breath draggers in your handbag. Learn to brush twice a day (morning and night) and also use brush specially made for smokers, or better still, quit smoking!

2. Too Much Fragrance: Yes, everyone wants to smell nice! But should it be done at the expense of other peoples nostrils/stomach? The Perfume is created to help you express your individuality and keep you smelling nice. But too much of a good thing is never right. A drop of your favorite aroma is enough to make a man pay attention to you. Make your aroma your little secret. That's the best way to keep a man wondering and imagining a lot of beautiful things about your personality. Don't over use it and cause him to feel uncomfortable around you. 

In case you don't know, spraying perfume too much at a go makes you smell like a shop of air freshner and this can cause people around to sneeze continuously! I bet you wouldn't your date to sneeze throughout the conversation!

3. Rough Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids: If you are not a professional makeup artist, it will be better if you avoid using glittery and shimmery eye shadow. Very few succeed in applying it anyways. Those who cant do it end up looking like costumes for Halloween. Ladies, get advice, watch videos or go for a professional makeup artist to avoid this flaw.

4. Gummed up Lashes: This is what usually happens when you apply too much mascara. It clumps and does not make your eyes look sexy and tempting at all. Use mascara of good quality. Experiment with several brands and pick the best one for you  the one that does not smudge under your eyes or rub off after a couple of hours. Finally, use a special brush to comb your lashes and remove the clumps. Don't go about with clumps of mascara on your eye lashes! Especially on a date! Yuck!

5. Public Grooming: Trust me, men do not want to know or see how you make yourself attractive. This ruins their illusion. Let them think you are effortlessly beautiful. 

All major makeup procedures should be performed at home, not in public. So ladies that go about with makeup inside their handbags, try putting a stop to it or do not apply your make in public places like classroom, church, inside a bus, office, market or even on a date.

6. Dry Skin: Seriously, its unpleasant to touch dry skin. Scurfy elbows or heels look awful. Use moisturizing and nourishing shower gels, creams and body lotions after shower. Try to apply them generously to bring out that glow and remove the dryness. Now ladies, the same way you see a guy whose lips, in-between fingers and toes are white and dry is also the same way guys see ladies with such attribute. If you don't want to use all the above mentioned, get a simple lotion that has essential oils in it or simply get a cream with more oil in it to help reduce the scaly skin.

7. Intricate Hairstyle: An intricate hairstyle is alright for a carnival or an extravagant photo session in a studio. But in all other situations, natural-looking or less crazy hair is preferred. Its far more pleasant to see and touch hair that is free of styling gels, sticky hair sprays and other hair products. Plus, guys want to see your full face and not be distracted by your hair which is all over the place! I can imagine a situation where he helps you get into a car and also helps you tuck in your hair to avoid jamming the door on it! Ladies please guys don't fancy over do. Keep it simple if you can.

8. Wrong Lip Liner: If you have been invited on a date, probably you will also be taken to a cafe or a restaurant. Think ahead about how your lips will look after you have eaten your dinner. If you use lipstick and lip liner, then after eating your food, you'll probably have only the lip liner on your lips. You will probably agree that this wont look attractive at all. Its even worse if your lip liner is much darker than your lipstick or your natural lip color. Such a contrast is totally unacceptable. 

Let the lip products you use on a date be as close to your natural lip shade as possible to avoid looking like a map!

9. Heavy Foundation: Some ladies apply the type of foundation that makes their face look as if they applied brown and wet medicated Dustin powder used at night for rashes. Foundation is created to hide lines, blemishes and little flaws. It makes your skin look healthy and smooth. It can even out your complexion and improve your skin tone. If it is visible, then you did not apply it right. Foundation is supposed to be invisible to others and even you. Thoroughly blend it with your skin, that's the only way to avoid the mask effect. Make sure you go for one that totally matches your skin to avoid having one color on your face and your neck showing a different color.

10. Badly Shaved Body: Whether you like it or not, men prefer smooth skin. Take care of your entire body. Make sure that your legs and armpits are perfectly clean and hairless. Such things play even a greater role than makeup. It tells a lot about your hygiene and there is no point in applying makeup if the rest of your body is not totally neat!

Here's a tip, don't go out wearing a sleeveless top if you aren't sure of how your underarms look! If you must wear it, when in public do well to minimize throwing your arms all the way up! 

So, did I miss anything? Lets hear it below!


  1. The gossips... We hate em! Especially the ones about us!

    You'll see girls talking about their guy's inability to satisfy them financially, in bed and all that!

    Damn! It hurts when we see your friends look at us like they know our deepest secrets!!

    1. Stop it... It ain't cool one bit!!

    2. Seriously Rob??

      You are going to tell me you've never discussed your girl with your friends over a bottle of beer??

    3. Nope.... I don't do that!

      What happened to "don't wash your dirty linen in public?"

    4. WTF?? Dirty linen??

      Please don't start what you can't finish!!

    5. Huh??

      Did you just call our attitude "dirty linens??"

    6. Whatever girls... Just take the hint! 😘😘


    7. This guy is such an a**hole 😣😣

    8. I heard that babe!

  2. Woah!!

    This is heated!!

    Let me just read comments here...

  3. Number 2,5,9,10 so unattractive to me!!
    I can manage d rest!

  4. Lol.. So true.. Especially the eye makeup part!!


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