Secrets You Don't Need To Expose To Your Wife

Yeah, we all know it’s actually a great idea to be definitely open to your wife. It's normal to let her understand your plans, actions, visions and thoughts. This could actually help her to attach properly with you and get in conjunction with you as your wife and the mom of the house.

Despite the facts that you should be totally open to your wife, there are secrets that you should never reveal to your wife.

Let me show you some of them here:

1. What Your Family Think Of Her:
Maybe before you married her or shortly after your wedding, your dad and mom or any other family member might have told you a few things they don’t like about your spouse for one reason or the other.
You need to be careful the manner you talk to her about what they stated. You could correct her without telling her who said what or say it in a way she will not get hurt by means of their statements. If you say it the manner they said it, you could create eternal enmity among them, deal with this with care, lest you create a conflict that can outlive you among them.

2. Your Terrifying Dreams:
It is very easy for a woman to wake her husband up to tell him about her nightmares and terrible dreams.
It’s not bad for a woman to say this to her husband, but it is not always good for a man to share terrible dreams with his wife that may not allow her to sleep.
You can tell her to pray or pray together concerning the dreams but avoid giving her the graphic details, lest you scare her. And sometimes send the wrong message.

3. How Your Friends May Feel About Her:
You friends might say unkind words about her. If you relay it the way they presented it; your house may become a no-go area for such friend. If you can, ignore what such a friend say and try as much as possible to stay away from gossiping about your wife with him.

4. Your Dirty Feelings About Her:
Avoid speaking out your terrible idea about her when you fight. Refrain from telling her some bad thoughts you have about her after or during a fight. You may harm your wife substantially and damage your own home

5. Girls That Are Admiring You:
Once in a while, you may notice some ladies who are really after you and see you as their source of “crush” despite the fact that you are married. You don’t just go ahead to tell your wife about this. For a lady to show interest in you may not necessarily mean she is after you. So, be careful. If you tell your wife about it, she may not handle It rightly and can begin to suspect you and fight the innocent lady.

6. How You Feel About Her Parents:
Her Mum may not be behaving very well by your standard, but that is how she’s been behaving and raised the damsel that you married. So, it will be bad to tell your wife that her mother or father are not well behaved. Don't even think of it no matter what they do that annoy you. You can cause a lot of disrespect from her to rise up. If you must comment about any of her family, don't make it look like you are criticizing.

7. How People's Words Hurt You:
Some people will say something that will hurt you greatly. Please, avoid saying how it hurts to your wife and shedding tears in the process. If you end up forgiving the person, your wife may never forgive the person that makes her husband cry. So don't tell her lest you start an emotional world war.

8. How People's Actions Hurt You:
Just like the case above, people will do something that may hurt you, but you must avoid blabbing it to your wife. Please, always downplay your hurt so as to make it easy for your wife to forgive people.

9. List Of Girls You Got Involved With:
It will be totally wrong to give her a list of those you slept with before you met her. She doesn’t need that information, they are your Ex. They no longer exist in your present. Keep them far from your lips especially in front of your wife. A lot could go down if she know their names and even know them!

So, I guess these should top the list of your secret secrets and should not be shared with Wify!  Well, except there's a life at stake or something!

Don't try to act all goody and tell her things that will make you wish your mouth have it's own lock and key!
What do you think?


  1. Well, i could tell her some of these...
    With fear though.. Lol

  2. Nice one here.

    U really tried

  3. Haha, that very funny. Please can Lady Admin write "secret you don't need to expose to your husband" LOL


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