Amazing Life Hacks You Need To Know

You'll agree with me that everyone is always on the lookout for things that will make life easier and better for them. 

Check out these amazing life hacks that will help you at one point or the other:

1. Are you tired of seeing unnecessary ads on your phone while playing games or using a free app? Most games and other apps downloaded for free actually make money from showing pop up ads on users screens and wont go away for a while. Putting your phone in data off or airplane mode will stop unnecessary ads from popping up while playing your games.

2. Does your phone's charger break after using for some time? Use a spring from an old pen to keep your phone charger from bending or breaking. Simply roll the spring on the edge of the wire connected to the socket to prevent bending and breaking.

3. Do people continually steal your pen in school or at work? Are you tired of pen thieves? To keep pen thieves away, simply put a blue ink cartridge in a red pen because most people would not like to steal a red pen.

4. Usually, we all keep air tight containers in our homes incase we need it for use in the future. Do you notice your air tight containers smelling fishy? To prevent that, when storing empty airtight containers just sprinkle some salt to keep them from getting stinky.

5. Sometimes we just get unlucky and get gums in our hair. Have you ever had gum stuck to your hair? In order to get rid of gum stuck in your hair, just dip it into a small bowl of Coke and leave it for some time. It will remove easily. If it's stuck somewhere you cant put in a bowl, simply soak the coke in a piece of cloth and place on the spot. Press it and leave for a few minutes.

6. Do you always have something to memorize and can't seem to have it stick? If you want to store something permanently in your brain, taking a quick nap just after learning something new can set that memory in your brain.

7. We all need maths once in a while (if not always). The most common one is "pi". Do you always forget the value of pi? You can remember it by just counting the letters of each word in May I Have A Large Container Of Coffee.

8. You would agree that we don't always get the best results in search engines because our cache supplies data that will be used to give us results that we may expect. Want to search for something online and get results without your history or cache influencing it? Just use your browsers incognito mode. The results will come up based on the most appropriate not based on what you have browsed before.

9. When driving, sometimes we tend to unconsciously press down the pedals to hard. Want to prevent over speeding of your car? While driving, just move your seat as far back as you can while still being able to touch your pedals lightly.

10. Sometimes you could make a quick stop at a hotel to spend a night and later realize you have no charger. Don't have a charger at the hotel? Don't worry, almost all the hotel televisions often have a USB plugin.

11. We all wear shoes to work, gym school etc. Do you have issues with stinky shoes? To get rid of unpleasant odor in the smelly shoes or gym bags, just put some tea bags in them while not in use.

12. Making a quick calculation at work or school requires a standby calculator (You can't always rely on your phone). But have your calculator run out of batteries in the middle of an exam or a work calculation? If the calculator runs out of batteries, then by just rubbing the ends of the batteries together, you can get an extra time of 15 minutes.

Well, these hacks can help you with a thing or two and you will be glad at the result you get.


  1. 1,4,7,8,9,12, is so dope!

  2. Using coke to remove gum on hair works well for me!

  3. I'll start using springs on my USB cords. They keep breaking even before they stay up to a month!

  4. Thanks for the hacks, definitely going to use the charger one!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop


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