How To Handle A Breakup Without Actually Breaking Down

Most times after a break up, its normal for both partners to experience a range of emotions as they come to terms with the fact that they are no longer a couple (sniffs).  Sadness, anger, exhaustion, frustration, anxiety, regret, or even relief; its all normal. Usually, there's no right or wrong way to feel after a breakup. It can be difficult to let go of the hopes and dreams you had for your relationship and look towards an uncertain future.
Both partners will surely miss things about the other, even when a new partner is involved. Its normal to remember things you loved about your ex when the relationship is over. Your new partner may make you happy, but they wont be the same package as your ex. Its inevitable you'll miss some of the things that once worked in your previous relationship and sometimes you'll go about making comparisons which is somewhat not healthy.

But while the both of you may share a sense of loss over what might have been, your routine has been disrupted and your responsibilities, home, and relationships with friends and extended family might also be forced to change. Its fair for us to say that, people go through this mourning process or readjustment and come out of it alive, and sometimes better off.
If you are reading this post with rapt concentration, I bet you really want to get the mourning stage over with! So, here I put down are some tips for dealing with a break up for you:

1. Accept and take time out to grieve: Recognize the intense and sometimes conflicting emotions you're experiencing and accept that you wont be at your best for a while. Its okay to give yourself a break. Just let the emotions out. Don't bottle them up because it would be disastrous when they come erupting out!  

2. Remember grief lessens with time: It might seem easier said than done, but try to remind yourself that things will get easier after a while. Do whatever makes you happy to keep the grief minimal.

3. Don't go through it alone: Isolating yourself can make the grief more difficult to cope with; support networks will help you get through this difficult time.  It's also important to keep in touch with your friends to hang out with, give them a call and arrange something.  If you don't feel you can share your feelings with family or friends, then you can anonymously post your thoughts on forums to get advice and support from online communities. 

4. Remind yourself of the future: 

It may feel hard to let go of the hopes and dreams you held for your past relationship, but its important to remember you have a new future to embark on and encourage yourself with the knowledge that new hopes and dreams will eventually replace the old ones. Just keep your eyes on your future goals and occupy your mind focusing on it. 

5. Find new interests: Try to see the breakup as an opportunity for new beginnings. Take up a new hobby that attracts like-minded individuals; get into sport and revamp your image; or use dating or social networking sites to make new friends  all of these things will help improve your confidence, take your mind off the break up, and encourage you to have fun again.

6. Spend some time alone: Yes, you may need the company of people, you still need to find some time alone for yourself! Alone time gives you a chance to recharge and refresh. We all need a bit of solitude and its easy to forget this in a relationship. Spend some time reading or catching up on emails, or just watching something you might find interesting/entertaining.

7. Keep your online lives separate:

Social media plays a big part in how we present ourselves to the world, and how we interact with our friends and families. For most people, their online lives intermingle with their real lives. Being in a relationship for some couples can mean declaring their love online to make them feel closer and more connected as they say. For others, however, it can feel like a bit of a threat to privacy and independence, knowing that a partner can check up on what they are up to and who they have talking to. Whichever category you are, don't panic, don't go snooping, or trying to work out who they've been chatting to; simply block their profiles, or mute their feed. Give each other some online space as well as real space.

Even while wallowing in the post-breakup pool, some people may feel like it's the end for them and would just want to go solo. Well, having an independent streak doesn't mean you're afraid of commitment. But whatever you do, be sure to take a long hard look before leaping into another relationship and make sure you have done a good job in shedding the skin of the past relationship.

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  1. Well, I wish I can actually try all these before losing my mind and running back to beg him to change his mind!! 😴


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