How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

Our parents who has been taking care of us since we were still eggs are one of those people that deserve our attention. But sadly, in our busy days, we have been neglecting our parents on one pretext or the other. In the resultant mad rush, we have easily forgotten our parents and have taken them for granted. We have not cared for what they want, instead have given what we think is right for them. We always form the opinion that they will understand the way we have been all the way. They may act like it's alright but most times, all they need is just a moment out of your time and not really your money!

Trust me, your parents need more than you think. We need to consider these tips for improving connections with our valuable parents before they are gone forever:
1. Smile When You See Your Parents: It is always good to greet them with a pleasant smile. You don't have to utter words. At times, the mere smile may work wonders for your parents. If you can add to this smile with some caring words, they will cherish them forever.

2. Learn About Them: From your busy lives, you need to take some time out and try to figure out about your parents. Most often you do not have patience and time to spend valuable time with them. Once you learn about them, you will get better opportunities to deal with them more carefully and lovingly. Most importantly, you'll know things they like and want more than anything.

3. Declare Your Love For Your Parents: Tell them that you love them and bring home some surprising gifts for them that they like. You need to gift those things that they cherish but have not disclosed to you. Sometimes, you need to dig into their past to get the information about their likes and dislikes and use it to surprise them and show them you care and cherish them.

4. Communicate Often With Your Parents: As far as possible, try to have a one-on-one interaction with your parents. You can schedule these chatting times after dinner when family members sit together to rest and share their thoughts. These times you spend with your parents are quality time for them. Even if you don't have much time to sit around and chat with them, look for an activity to replace or add it to. Doe instance, you can use some of the time used for watching the TV to chat with them or simply allow them sit and talk with you while you wash your car or do the laundry or even while cooking. You'll cherish these little chatting moments with them.

5. Make a Positive Phone Call Home: When you are away from home, you should positively send a call home to inquire about the welfare of your parents. This would remove the sense of loneliness in their lives and instill the belief that there is somebody somewhere constantly thinking and care about them.

6. Always Appreciate The Little They Do: Whenever they do some good thing, tell them that they have done something wonderful for the welfare of the family. Even if they didn't do it well, appreciate them and lovingly suggest a way they would have done it better.  

7. Communicate Effectively With Them: It communicates awareness that there are different kinds of situations family need to go through. Learn to ask open-ended questions and understand that your parents/guardians might not want to share some information. You need to make the understand that they need to open up so that you can resolve issues plaguing them. Gently communicate with them in a way that they will open up to you. Don't use harsh words or threaten anyone.

Trust me, if we adhere strictly to these tips and see how closely spun the family becomes over a period of time.


  1. True.... We need to enjoy them and give them our attention now we still have them!!

  2. Number 4, 7, 6 should really be worked on!

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