Female Empowerment (Entrepreneurial) Classes

Hi ladies, I bet you know we are in a century where money making is no longer left to the men! We are now in an era women take up something to secure a steady stream of income to enable them to support themselves and the men too. 

Today, white collar jobs are no longer as favourable as they used to be for some people. Plus, some jobs can consume your time and may not yield much in return.
Now, you may need the skill to ensure a steady income and peanut still have much time on your hands while deciding how much you wish to earn!

As a housewife, full-time mom, graduate, student, or even a worker, you can pick a skill(s) you can learn to enable you to earn something that would stop you from being dependent on your husband, dad, other men in your lives and the month end salaries. And you could also end those degrading activities you engage in just to have cash in your pockets!

In view of that, I present to you an online Female Empowerment Class where you can learn one or different skills at a very affordable price. And I mean very very affordable price! It was made affordable so there would be no excuse to not participate.

It's a class you would really enjoy and not regret participating. 
Here's what you should expect:
- It would be a one on one online tutoring to make it engaging and let you learn at your own pace. 
- There would be pictures and videos to make things easier to understand! 
- There would be pictures, estimated prices and locations of products needed for each production. 
- You would know and identify different products and their properties. Their side effects (if any) and required quantity that shouldn't be exceeded.
- Most importantly, you will be taught how to package your products and market to the right customers.

The empowerment class is of four types so you can pick from anyone you wish to learn.  They are all profitable if you have a good customer base. You can also learn a skill for personal development:
- Hair/skin care products (1800)
- Household/sanitary products (1600)
- Catering services (3000)
- Internet services (1500)

Here's the breakdown of each class:

1. Hair/skin care products; #1800

These are beauty products and includes making:
- Various body creams for different skin types
- Bathing soap (tablet and liquid)
- Petroleum jelly
- Body Spray 
- Aftershave spray
- Hair shampoo/conditioner 
- Hair creams and gels 
- Packaging and marketing products 
- Running a mini spa/salon 
- Etc

2. Household/sanitary products: #1600

These are regular products we find in our homes. The good thing with learning this is that you'll make your own for your house and not bother buying from outside and it's cheaper to make than the already made ones. These products include:
- Laundry wash
- Dish wash
- Toilet wash
- Car wash
- Germicide
- Antiseptic
- Insecticide
- Air freshener
- Bleach
- Scouring powder  
- Etc

3. Catering services.

This is just an addition for those who would prefer to go the "foodway". You can simply learn it for your own personal use or you can make it a business. This is divided into two drinks and food. 
Drinks cover personal use and for events or for sale. Some drinks to learn in this category include: (#1000)
- Cocktails (different types)
- Mocktails (different types)
- Smoothies (different types for kids and adults) 
- Ice-creams and yoghurts

Foods are also divided into desserts and main dish.
Desserts to learn in this category include: (#1000)
- Finger foods or small chops (peanut burger, fish fingers, meatballs, meat pies and many other snacks)
- Cakes (sponge, fruit, chocolate, red velvet etc) and simple icing like butter icing. Here it's not compulsory to use an oven and you will learn how to use other products aside from the regular flour
- Flour products like bread (without using an oven and using other products aside flour), pancakes (using other products aside flour) etc
Aside from desserts, other foods include rice and soups for events or personal use: (#1000)

- Rice varieties (fried, coconut, Ofada, risotto, jollof, white, sauced)
- Soups (egusi, groundnut, pepper soup).
- Venturing into events planning; getting and keeping clients; maximizing costs for more profits
- Etc

4. Internet services.

For tech lovers, here are some things that are sure to get you a steady income: (#1500)
- ABC of Blogging
- Different monetization packages
- Mobile app creation (applet)
- Buying and reselling domain names
- Creating custom emails
- Running a bulk SMS, airtime and data sales site
- Music/video promotion and hype
- Growing social media followers
- Content writing coaching. 
- Etc

Remember, you can still learn a skill for your own personal use and you never know what you might make out of it.
If you wouldn't want the class with a tutor, you can still get detailed instructional materials (ebooks, pictures and videos) and teach yourself at your own time. Interested persons living within Ibadan can get to have their own classes offline if they choose. 



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