Amazing Toothpaste Hacks That Will Make Life Easier For You

Well, everyone will agree with me that toothpaste is one of those household items that is never allowed to get exhausted! Do you know that toothpaste can do so many things other than clean your teeth and make it shine? 
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Let me show you the top 20 most amazing toothpaste hacks that will help you a lot and make life easier for you:

1. Deodorize baby bottles: Get rid of that stale milk smell from your children bottles with your handy toothpaste. You need to add some toothpaste in the bottle, then add warm water, shake well and wash it off with clean water.

2. Lighten discolored nails with whitening toothpaste: Toothbrush, toothpaste and a nail brush can be used to remove stains from the nails. Using the nail brush or toothbrush, apply whitening toothpaste to your nails and allow it stay for a while before washing off.

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3. Remove coffee or tea stains from a mug: To get rid of tea or coffee stains, just rub toothpaste into the stains with a sponge and wash it off.

4. Polish Silver: If your silver jewelries are losing shade and looking dull, your toothpaste can come to your rescue. Simply wet the silver jewelry with water. Apply a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on the silver. Rub the toothpaste into it slowly keeping it wet until the toothpaste becomes almost black. Leave it for about 2 minutes and wash it off. If there is a lot of tarnish,  repeat the process before  drying with a cloth.

5. Make bathroom mirror fog-free: Is your bathroom mirror always foggy after each bath?  Try adding a few dabs of toothpaste on the mirror glass and rub it in thoroughly. Wash it well and rinse off.

6. Remove permanent marker stains: Use toothpaste as a permanent marker remover from any surface eg wall, TV or even wood floor. Simply apply a small amount of regular toothpaste (avoid the gel kind) directly on permanent marker stains. Use a damp cloth to rub the toothpaste in. Wash the cloth and wipe off the toothpaste.

7. Whiten the rubber on shoes: I guess this is not the first time youve heard of this trick. Well if it is, heres how you can pull this off. Apply toothpaste on the shoes and using an old toothbrush, scrub away the dirt and grime from the shoes. Then, wipe and clean it with a damp cloth. Your shoes would appear different.

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8. Clean your iron: Toothpaste will help you to take off the rusty layer easily and it will make it look like new. Take some regular toothpaste and apply on the rusty or burnt part and allow to stay for a while before using a damp cloth or toilet roll to scrub away the mineral stains on your old iron plate. Dont leave it for too long because it may be difficult to remove toothpaste from all the holes later.

9. Remove Dye Stains: When you apply color to your hair, the risk of staining your hand and scalp is increased.  To get rid of those nasty stains, use toothpaste to scrub away the stains.

10. Mark where to hang a frame: The toothpaste will leave spots showing you where to hit the nail on the wall to get accurate placement. Dab some toothpaste onto the back of a frame or any wall decoration. Then hold and press the frame to the wall before removing and nailing in appropriate places.

11. Clean goggles: Use toothpaste to clean your swimming goggles or favorite shades. Simply use a damp cloth to apply it and wash off. In fact, to prevent fogging, rub a small amount of toothpaste on the goggles.

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12. Clean Piano Keys: Use your toothpaste to clean your piano keys. With time, the piano keys get oily due to dirt and dust. You can clean them, gently by rubbing the keys with toothpaste and then wiping it off using a clean cloth.

13. Removes crayon stains from the wall: Get rid of those stubborn crayon marks with toothpaste and it will get the crayon off without damaging the paintwork. Simply apply non-gel toothpaste to the stained wall. Then rub it with a clean and damp cloth or brush over it. The crayon marks will soon disappear.

14. Clean leather: The best way to clean your leather purses, coats or shoes is using toothpaste. For this, just a dab of toothpaste and a cloth will do the trick.

15. Remove onions smell: Get rid of the smell of onions by just washing your hands with a dab of toothpaste and similar unpleasant odors.

16. Heal Facial Blemishes: Toothpaste can help in healing blemishes and acnes quickly and reduce its size. Simply apply a small dot of toothpaste over a pimple at night.) After that you can wash it off the next morning.
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17. Get Rid Of Carpet Stains: You can get rid of those nasty stains from the carpet using a toothpaste and the stain will soon disappear. Just apply the toothpaste directly to the stain and rub strongly with a brush.  Then rinse off.

18. Get rid of ink, lipstick, or food marks from clothes: Toothpaste can remove lipstick, food or even ink stains from clothes. Just rub the toothpaste over the fabric or other surface and leave it. Then rinse with water. Repeat until the stain is gone.

19. Cleans Kitchen: Toothpaste can be used to clean kitchen from cleaning gas stoves to cleaning ovens. Use a non-gel toothpaste and spread it on the dirty kitchen area. Then use a dry cloth to wipe it off

20. Cleans Refrigerator: The toothpaste can cleanse your refrigerator and make it shine like new. The seal around the refrigerator door gets very dirty as the time passes and it can be very difficult to clean it. For this, simply add toothpaste to a toothbrush and scrub away the dirt.

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Well, that's how you can use your toothpaste to make life easy for you aside making your teeth white or cleaning your breathe! 

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  1. wow... really amazing hack!!!

  2. I've used my toothpaste for some of the above mentioned hacks and it has worked well!!


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