Healthy Ways You can Manage Asthma

Surely we know that purity of air will drastically decrease over the years due to fossil fuel gas emissions. Have you ever sat down to think about the air you breathe in now? Or have you ever thought of the millions of people who suffer asthma worldwide? 

Asthma is a respiratory condition which can cause the bronchi in the lungs to start having spasm attacks that can cause breathing difficulties. Asthma can affect people of all ages and typical symptoms include chest pains, shortness of breath, obstructed airways, uncontrollable coughing etc. These kinds of attacks, in most cases, occur multiple times a day. Some people experience these attacks couple of times a week. It is caused by numerous factors such as: air pollution, allergies, respiratory infections, stress, medication, obesity, premature birth, etc. 

If you are asthmatic, you may know that it can really be a worrisome and even overwhelming experience. 

In view of this, here are some ways you can manage your condition and stay comfortable and happy most of the time:

1. Face the condition head on:
Since asthma directly affects the lungs it is important to stay away from polluted air and water. Always keep in mind the importance of a regular and healthy diet. If you do not eat regularly and drink warm liquids, you not only risk asthma attacks, but are susceptible to other respiratory illnesses as well. Additionally, an asthma patient should typically avoid large gatherings with cigarette smoke filled rooms. 

Everything you need in order to take care of the symptoms caused by asthma can be found in a typical household. Although, there is no permanent cure for asthma, its symptoms can be reduced. If you were recently diagnosed with asthma try to relax as often as you can and avoid stressful situations. Get to know yourself better. Don’t let this condition rule your life because there are methods that can keep it under control.

2. Exercise more:
As an asthmatic patient you may have never considered working out. But do you know there are cool workouts you can engage in that are easy and safe for you to try out. First of all you should learn how to control your asthma and know how to prevent symptoms from occurring, or at least how to anticipate them. You’ll be surprised to know that even Olympic athletes take asthma medication - so there is no need to quit working out. 

The first step to proper asthma control is proper medication. In order to change your routine and start living a healthier life you should start with the easiest exercise - walking. Try going on walks with a partner or by yourself. The more you walk the more you will be able to prolong the intervals between attacks. Next you should try yoga. Experts believe that by practicing yoga, you can help your lungs use more of their capacity and thus reduce the need for asthma medication. 

If you like basketball, football, or any other kind of sport, do not be scared of playing it. The key to staying healthy and still be able to keep asthma attacks at bay is to at least keep an inhaler at hand.

3. Purify the air:
Ideally, you would want to live and work in an environment with fresh air. Air purifiers are something that has become a must-have in large offices, and homes of asthma patients nowadays. 

Air purifiers represent an affordable commodity and should certainly be present in any household. Since there are numerous air purification options available on the market, it's better to consult leading experts about your air purifier needs for home and office use.

4. Improve your diet:
If you want to avoid pharmacotherapy, you can use various remedies that you can make at home. 

For instance, clove which comes from dried buds of the Myrtaceae tree which grows in tropical climates throughout the world, is a home remedy for asthma. Boil 5-6 of them in half a glass of water, and if you want, you can enjoy it will milk or honey. Another example of a good home remedy is ginger. You can make juice from ginger and mix it with honey and pomegranate. Not everyone would consider Black tea and coffee to be asthma remedies, but they have proven to be quite effective. Although coffee is considered a drink for boosting energy, it is also great for unclogging air passages. If you are not a fan of coffee you should consider drinking Black Tea for same results. Onions are known to cure inflammation of any type and are also effective at clearing air passages, and if you are affected by asthma you should consume them more often. Try eating more fruit, and make sure to include strawberries, oranges, and lemons in your diet. Tuna is considered to be extremely effective in treating asthma related symptoms as well.

Lastly, stay hydrated always. Don't wait till your throat becomes patched before getting a drink. Always have a bottle of water around and drink often. 

Have it in mind that asthma is not really an excuse for you not to enjoy life to the fullest. Go after your dream, live happily and enjoy your life while you can. Stay safe too! 


  1. I'm asthmatic but I dont really let it stop me from working out. I go to the gym like others and run down the streets in the evenings! But i make sure i have my inhaler handy to avoid serious problems or complications!

  2. Well well. This is all the motivation I need....

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