Major Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail

 We all know what relationships are. Relationship is beautiful, awesome and sweet where unity, love and understanding exist between couples. It is only in the past century that relationship lasts almost forever! But this 21st century has many relationships failing and ending untimely and unexpectedly. Many experts in relationship counseling and guidance have discussed this issue but it seems this failure still persists.

Though, many relationships today are not built on love but deceits; some relationship today exists between partners just for money, fame, or other benefits and most times, these rules out the real love that should be the bedrock of any relationship. If there is no comfort, happiness and healthy living between couples, the union may suffer a collapse. Today you see many young relationships collapsing on a regular basis! One begins to wonder if it’s improper orientation about what a relationship is or if it’s external pressure! No matter the problems or challenges one might face in a relationship, one can still avoid any unforeseen break up or failed relationship if certain things are taken care of.