Top Tips For Entrepreneurs To Create A Great Impression For Their Business Online

It’s no longer news that the world is going global. For this reason, everyone is hopping on the train of technology so they won’t be left out. The smart ones are hopping in with their businesses too. In case you haven’t noticed, many businesses today that have an online presence is booming well and fast. People today even begin their business online before getting a physical space. A lot of people are reached online and many people now sit in their room with their phone making decisions about where to shop. For these reasons, it would be great if you give your business an online presence and join in tapping into the many benefits of having a brand online. 

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Here are some online etiquette for growing your business with ease:

1. Build A Relationship With The Press; Having journalists, bloggers, and online media influencers as friends won’t hurt; it will actually help you more than you know. Though you shouldn’t take advantage of them by asking for freebies all the time, you can still negotiate for discounts or shout outs once in a while. The free press will work wonders for your business PR. Imagine the worth of publicity you will get when you have people talking about your business online! Studies have also shown that people are more likely to patronize businesses that have been referred by someone else, especially if the person is taken to be an authority in his or her field. So if a beauty blog, beauty magazine, or a social media influencer tweets or posts about your beauty product as the rave of the moment, their followers/readers will tend to trust their review more. This would give you the desired exposure you need. Do not underestimate it.

2. Write A Good Bio/Description: A great biography helps you connect more with your clients, customers and increases your audience. A good bio must be well written, not necessarily long but concise enough to capture the main information the audience needs, a good description is required to understand who a person is or what a business is all about. Your bio tells a lot about you, your about page should capture the essence of what you are about, it is the first impression people have of you and your business.  If you want to appear funny, write funny catchy phrases, if you want to be serious, your bio must reflect seriousness, in either case, let your personality and that of your business shine through. Your about page can be just 2 sentences but it must contain the right message you want to pass across. Give a clear description of what you do, offer or sell. This way, customers would know they are in the right place and would contact you for their needs. This is a powerful tool and should be used well.

3. Create A Feedback Forum: It is not enough to be online, have social media pages, websites and have your businesses publicized without you monitoring the mentions about your business; connecting and interacting with those who have made the mentions.  But not getting back to your audience is a bad and unhealthy habit for business. Feedback can be negative, positive or indifferent but it gives you an overview of what others think of your business and the personality behind it. You can work on rebranding, leverage on the current momentum, or reinvent a new business altogether depending on the type of feedback you are getting. Mail subscriptions, comment form, mentions for business etc are all good forms of monitoring feedback. Also leave room for questions on your pages too to allow clients, both old and new, share their experience about you or your business.

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4. Complete Your Profile Pages: Give the right and complete information needed on your page. Be on the social media pages that matter to your business, you don't have to belong to every social media network; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are the four basic places to start off building your online presence. Don’t leave the pages empty, put up at least a picture with a sentence describing what you do and contact details. The contact can be a telephone number, a link to your website and the name of the contact person. Makes sure you include correct information so that your customers would trust you over time. Also, add the location of your business and maybe a picture of the front space to show you are for real.

5. Connect With Businesses With Similar Interests Or Like Minded Persons: Your network is as valuable as the kind of people and businesses you follow and connect with. To avoid being seen as over needy or spammy, Tag people in your pictures that have similar interests, send bulk emails once in a while, post on discussion boards that are in your line of business. It may be termed spam if a makeup seller post products images on a sports forum! It may come in handy but you wouldn’t want to be blacklisted even before you reach your own customers. Entrepreneurs are a special breed, find those who are willing to even do trade by barter, say exchanging of posts on individual pages to promote each other’s business. Use Google hangouts, search events on Facebook, make use of relevant hashtags to network and interact with other entrepreneurs, this will improve your chances for more exposure and others will see you as one who has a passion for his/her line of business. Just network with the right set of people and your business is well on its way to stardom.

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Well, these are the most important things to get you and your business out on the internet. You can build a business empire by following these tips. Just be diligent and patient with what you do and you would be surprised at the result you’ll get.


  1. Xty's Clothinz19 June 2018 at 06:47

    good points! What if i just pay someone to run that and handle it for me? I've got a tight business schedule going and i don't know how i can combine that with running a presence online. Any advice would be helpful at this point!

    1. Sure, you can pay someone to run it for you. Then you could login once in a while to check messages and see how things are going. I recommend Brandgroom Inc, if you want a good hand to handle your business presence online.

  2. Wow.totally useful tips. Wish women would take this opportunity seriously.

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