Top Opportunities You Need To Get Yourself Involved In This Millennial

There are opportunities everywhere, but the problem is that many people’s eyes have been shut to it. Do you know that problems are also opportunities in disguise? It is just your perception makes the difference. Opportunity is simply a favourable circumstance or occasion; a chance for advancement, progress or profit. The generation now is the millennials and they are those who grew up in the 90’s and 2000’s. 
While many people in this generation may decide to turn a blind eye to many opportunities that they could avail themselves of, a lot of people have decided to open their eyes by showing them opportunities they could grab. I guess I am one of those cause here’s a post with the top 4 available opportunities that you need to avail yourself and make good use of:


Seriously, whoever said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Must be a genius at that time! In our world, education is a vital asset that everyone must strive to possess. By education, I do not mean formal education alone, I also mean personal education. Formal education gives you a job, but personal education gives wealth. Formal education is excellent, but personal education is necessary. In fact, in our country specifically, personal education makes a whole lot of things very easy for you. That doesn’t mean that those who don’t have the means to grab the opportunity are not making waves, but education takes you farther than you can imagine. It is really an amazing opportunity we need to leverage on and our generation today just got this opportunity on a platter of gold.


In our fast-moving world that has become a global village and everything is going digital, there is every need for you to be technology savvy. As technology advances, try to upgrade yourself and be in touch with the world around you. There are many things you can do with the aid of technology. It is important you get basic tips on use of the computer, programming, graphics packaging, software development etc. just a good knowledge of some of these can take you places you never imagined. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be in your room laying low and not wanting to have anything to do with technology and everything else would be evolving around you. The thing is, you don’t really have much of a choice here because most of the things you will need to get most things done has been made easy with the help of technology. So, it would be great if you grab the opportunity now and get grounded in it.


In our society today, white collar jobs are becoming exhausted and for one to not get swallowed by poverty, you just have to make things work yourself. Know this, whatsoever it is you do with your own hands belongs to you; it cannot be taken by anybody. Learning a skill is an important tool you must arm yourself with. Skill acquisition is not an inconsequential stuff in this our environment, hence any available moment you have to learn a skill, don’t trade it. Learn the skill and be good at it. You will be surprised it would someday be your major source of income.


Scholarships are grant-in-aids for students. Local and international scholarships abound for students to take advantage of, so as to make schooling easy for them. Scholarships could either be monetary assistance or sponsorship to study in a school of your choice. The good thing is that there are a million individuals, businesses, organizations, governments etc willing to release funds for beneficiaries to enjoy, so you just have to open your eyes and make sure you grab one for yourself. Plus, you can get sponsored at all levels of your education o don’t think you are still too young or too old.


Trust me; I just had to add this here. There are many business owners or people with great business ideas but do not have the means to begin, there are lots of grants out there from individuals, organizations, banks, governments and even international bodies that are willing to release funds to people who want to start a business or expand an existing one. Search for such people and submit a good proposal and you are on your way to owning a business of your dream. The good thing is you won’t pay back unlike getting a loan but your business proposal should be viable and should convince them enough that it will not crash even before you start making profits.
 There are many opportunities available, it is left for you to open your mind to its possibilities and seize the moment. Don’t just sit and wait for the moment to come upon you, go in search of it and grab it yourself! Remember, nothing changes until you change something! And most importantly, if opportunities don’t come knocking, build a door yourself.
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  1. Exactly. Especially vocation skills. The thing is, whether you are formally educated or not, you need to have this because there is no excuse now for not been able to become self employed when the need arises.

  2. I am a beneficiary of a governor grant and I tell you it's an amazing feeling when you know someone is out there to support you on your way to success.

    1. Totally amazing feeling, especially when the support is genuinely given.

  3. But these grants are not really easy to get you know!!

    1. Yeah. But there's no harm in giving it a shot.


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