How To Get Your Texts Professionally Proofread For Free

So, I just started using this handy tool for my texts and honestly, it has saved a lot of work for me. It can really be exhausting writing a large text and even more exhausting when you have to proofread it yourself just to be sure it is error-free. This task of proofreading always makes me cringe when I think about it because the time I will likely spend doing that would actually pay me if I use it to write other texts. Most times I end up begging a friend to assist or outsourcing it to someone who can handle it. 

But this doesn’t always go down well with me because I’ll always like to send out that text as a unique article but in the process of getting people to proofread for me, I end up with the feeling that it has lost some uniqueness and besides, who knows where else the text has reached! But when I found out about this tool, all my fears were thrown out the window! And because I did not forget you and I know you would also find it very useful, I decided to share it with everyone. I mean, we all write something at one point or the other either on our phones or laptops; imagine the joy of not having to go over a message before sending; a text before posting or an article before sharing. This simple but useful tool has saved me some extra time and now I no longer bother spending much time reading any text over again before pushing it.

Take for instance this post you are reading, yeah I really did not go over it and I bet you won’t see an error because this tool was proofreading my texts as I was typing them on my laptop! See, very helpful! The good thing is that you can have it on your phone or laptop; add it as an extension to your browsers or as an add-on in your text editors. On your browser, it integrates into every comment box or text box and as you type anything into the box, the tool looks out for common and complex grammatical mistakes and notifies you if any error is found. This also works the same way in your text editors like Microsoft Word and others. An added sweet effect is that when you hover over the error found, it explains the error, gives correct suggestions, shows grammar tenses, and others just so you know and understand why it is an error in the first place. This actually improves your skill too because the detailed explanations for all your mistakes would help you avoid repeating it again.
In case you are wondering what tool it is, you may have heard or seen it online but haven’t paid much attention to it but now I want you to! Lol! 

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that offers accurate, context-specific suggestions to make your work error-free anywhere on the web or an editor!
Best of all, it is free to use! Well, you can always switch to a paid plan and try the premium package which offers a whole lot of amazing features to keep writing at its best! But the free plan still offers you some great help with your writing and so you are well on your way to writing mistake-free texts without worry!
Trust me, with Grammarly you would definitely feel confident that your WRITING is FLAWLESS and EFFECTIVE! Not to mention the extra time you’ll save trying to proofread your texts by yourself! hehe! 
So I’ll strongly recommend you go give it a try and don’t forget to share your experiences here when you do! 


  1. Yeah, Grammarly is really a great writing tool and it has really helped me in so many ways when writing contents for my blog. It's not just for grammar corrections, it actually looks of for spelling errors and also allows you to check for plagiarism just so you know your text is unique!
    I also recommend it to anyone who really wants to take their writing to another level!

    1. True, it has many other features aside proofreading and that's part of what makes it an amazing tool.


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