Top Ways You Can Build Your Business Brand

 Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or wholesale. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly emerging markets in any industry. It should be catchy, should create the right kind of attention to attract your desired kind of clients, businesses and even employees. 

Thinking of how to build and maintain a successful business brand? Here are tips on building a good business brand that would definitely help you:
1 -  Choose a unique brand name for your business and register it with corporate affairs commission if you can. Ensure you use this name on your social networks too so it can be easily identified with you and what you do.    
2 -  Effective use of social media such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, nairaland etc would come in handy. Have a strong visible presence online, no doubt most of your clients are there. 
3 - Make use of classified ads on Olx, vconnect, dealdey e.t.c to spread the word about the brand.
4 - Maintain honesty and integrity especially in your business dealings so that people would trust you and the brand. Don’t make promises you are unable to fulfill so it doesn’t come back to bite you.
5 - Ensure the quality of your works and remember to keep records of existing and potential clients who you can ask for referrals as long as they are satisfied customers.
6 - Attend networking sessions, workshops, tradeshows, conferences, and exhibitions if you have the opportunity to do so to learn more about your trade, know your competitors, gain more exposure, network and learn new things that would definitely help you.
7 - Keep a detailed account of your business expenses and minimize costs especially at the start of the business. You can obtain capital for startups from personal savings, friends, and family instead of loans till you are certain of your business growth.
8 - Be consistent, create quality graphic displays and good videos to sell your brand
9 - Spread the word of your business brand by effectively communicating with fliers, banners, business cards, and mouth-mouth communication.
1 - Treat your clients positively, give a better experience, and know what makes your products/services different and unique so you can improve on any aspect that needs it.

That may not be all the tips you may need but better to have something to guide you while you are set to build your business brand. Know anything else you want to add or have questions? Hit the comment box below.


  1. Woah. My business is like zero on social media! I guess i just have to buckle up at this point!!

    1. Please do, you would actually be surprised at the success you'll record.


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