Amazing Valentine Gift You Can Get For Each Other

Hi everyone.
It's another season of the year when gift-sellers will experience another rush!

February is already around the corner and Valentine's day is fast closing in!
A lot of people call it a month of love and see it as a time to act out the love they have been saving a long time for a special person.  But I don't see the need to over-hype that day!
To me, love can be displayed any day not just on a particular day! But since we all look forward to that day to have fun with a loved or loved ones, then its cool we have a gift or two to exchange that day!

Lovers, best friends, engaged couples or married couples tend to pick Valentine's day to have some time with each other and may get to give each other something.

So here is a list of "some things" you could get for each other that day.

For guys!

The list is not for those who intend to buy a car or propose to her that day! Relax, your own list is something else.  It is also not for people who want to pull down a shopping mall just for gifts to present to her.
It's for guys who don't intend to overhype the gifts for valentine's day but still want to spend time with her.

So, here are some things I suggest you should try getting for her:

Some girls may think this is bizarre but some came out to say they are yet to receive such from their partner so I guess you can skip the flowers, cards and frames at this time and get her something fancy to add to the kitchen collection.

But if you know she is not a huge fan of cooking; drop the idea or brace yourself for trouble.

Except your partner is not the makeup type, you would have won yourself a medal getting her a makeup kit!
Girls love makeup (fact), girls love people who give them the makeup more (proven)!
So if you have ever peeped into her makeup purse/box/bag and noticed what she likes using, then you will succeed in making her fly for you when you present her with new and improved items she can use to replace her old ones!

Please forget this idea if you suck at detecting real makeup and have no idea what she likes using.

3. Hair/body care products:
A lot of girls love getting these as presents! Buy a girl a shampoo, cream, perfume or even hair spray and you have just made her day (or maybe her month or as long as the product lasts).

If you have no idea how to differentiate the real from the fake one then leave this out else you won't like the result.

4. Accessories:
No doubt girls love accessories! It could be wristwatch, necklace, earrings, bangles, hairpins, glasses, or anything fancy.

Stay away from buying her girls accessories if you can't tell between the one for 18th-century ladies and the ones for 21st-century ladies.

Girls can't resist getting their wardrobe improved! So if you get her stuff to add to her wardrobe collection, then you have done a lot. It could be cloth, shoe, bag or anything you are sure she likes!

Don't bother getting these for her if you don't know her taste!

Although, some girls would prefer you give them the cash so they would get what they want themselves.
Whatever you want to do, just do it. There is no right or wrong way to give a gift.

I think I have tried for the guys! So over to the girls.
I know SOME girls may find it difficult or almost impossible to buy something for their partner (there is always an excuse) but its cool if you just decide to surprise him this once (aside his birthday).   If he can get something for you then you can do that too!

So here are some things you could just include in your list of what to buy when next you go shopping before Valentine:

1. Hair/body care products:
Like you, guys also love these things. Some guys have hair care products even more than some girls!
If he is this type, you can get new products and add to his old ones.
Body spray and cream is also nice to present as a gift.

You should know fake and genuine products because you buy that a lot so no need advising you to stay away if you can't.

Cloth, belt, shoe etc is a nice thing to get too. Know his size first or be ready to return an undersized shirt or shoe.


You should know what's cool so no need staying away.

3. Accessories:
Wristwatch, wrist chains, sunglasses, neck chain and others can be quite handy to get at this point.

Don't go for gold chains if you can't afford it! But you can still get some ones that are cool are affordable.

 Hmmmmmm. I think I have run out of ideas already!
 Looks like guys are easy to shop for unlike girls!

 That's my own list of gift ideas for Valentine's day.

So tell me what is not on the list and maybe what you will like to get for him/her as a gift that day?

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  1. OMG! Why am I in love with this list?
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