How You Can Be Productive In Year 2019


The year 2018 has just ended and we now hear people shout Happy New Year at every corner. It’s normal to see people get excited about the New Year; make resolutions and promise themselves to be one thing or the other. In all the noise, have you sat down to evaluate your results in the past year 2018? How many goals were you able to achieve? Has anything changed about you? How far have you moved towards your long-term goals? What can you rate yourself after you compare your result for 2018 against the goals you’d set for yourself?
Well, the sad thing is that no matter what your answers are regarding these questions, there is nothing much you can do about that right now because they are all past events. 2019 will still come and go just like every other year if you don’t make the year to be for you. It is important to note that we don’t have all the time in the world to become all that we want to be. It is expected that we make the best use of our time so that at the end of our life, we would be proud that we lived well.

You may have set your mind on a lot of things this past year and some may have come to pass, while some are yet unrealized. As we move into the New Year, there are some things you can do that will definitely boost your productivity this year 2019:

1.      1. Write Down Your Goals: As we have entered the New Year, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the things you want to achieve in the year 2019. Do not overwhelm yourself and write an endless list out of excitement and then give up after a month. Instead, get a notebook and write at least five major things that you can achieve this year that will move you closer to your long-term goal. Remember, you may not get what you are not deliberately looking for. You may likely not get what you don’t consciously desire to get this year 2019. For a productive year, you must be specific of the things you want.

       2. Plan How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality: You have to determine the necessary steps you are going to take to turn your goals into reality. You will only feel disappointed if you have a long list of goals and don’t have an action plan to get them off the paper! Don’t just have goals; make valid plans that will help you make them a reality.

   3. Be Willing To Take Action: Nothing happens without action. You cannot get things done by just turning the thought in your mind, you must act. A lot of persons are aware of the need to set goals, but only a few succeed because others lack the willingness to take. With your goals in mind this New Year, you must resolve to do your best to make your goals a reality. You must be willing to take advantage of every opportunity that will help you achieve your goals. Never procrastinate, be willing to take a calculated risk and be open to fresh ideas that will help you on your way.

          4. Be Focused: You may lose focus because of so many things that may come up this New Year; there may be distractions; there may be new thoughts, but you must ensure you fix your eyes on your goals and keep moving until you succeed.     

   The only time you may deviate is when you see a better way to go around achieving the set goals.

    5. Try To Be Flexible: Flexibility is one of the things you need for you to be productive this New Year. As you pursue your goals, you must take your time to reflect on the results. Identify the strategies that are working and the ones that are not. Flexibility demands that you discard methods that are not helping you to reach your goal and adopt new ones that will move you towards your goal faster. You don’t have to stick to one method and remain stagnant; try things you know would work and get going.

              6. Surround Yourself With The Right People And Books: You know, where you will be in the next five years is determined by the friend you keep and the books you read. Check your cycle of friends, those ones who are not bringing out the best in you should be given some distance. You just have to reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Choose to spend time with those who encourage you and bring the best out of you. Also, form the habit of reading good books; subscribe to blogs, magazines and websites that provide information on how you can maximize your full potential and reach your goals.

        7. Learn To Live Right:  In all you do, learn to live a good life. Do not take advantage of others; lend a helping hand to the less privileged; be humble and learn to be content with what you have; always show gratitude for your blessings; live a life that imparts other people positively; eat good food at the right time and take care of your health. If you have all or some of these in place, you are sure you’ll do a lot before the year runs out.

           8. Be Prayerful

    Remember that prayers fix a lot of things. God rules in the affairs of men and controls everything in the universe so if you believe and ask for what you want from life in faith, He will definitely give you as long as it is in line with His will for you. Most times you’ll end up getting more than you even asked. This may be beyond the comprehension of rational thinking, but it does work.

This year 2019 would actually be a year of testimonies if you know just how to work your way through it.

Oh, let me use this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year! May the year 2019 bring you lots of positive things life has to offer.

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  1. The start of the year is always a great time to plan and set goals. Keeping them is the hardest!



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