New Hit - Mistar Kizz x Rex Lamar x Timi Tunes - Commit

New jam on the streets! This one is from a new artist in the industry. If you're a love-themed music lover or just love good music, you need to have this jam on your playlist.

This one is from Mistar Kizz x Rex Lamar x Timi Tunes - titled 'Commit' 
You can play or download the song here

Born 26 June 2000, Mistar kizz is a Nigerian upcoming musician who is not yet signed. 
He's from Igbo-eze South in Enugu Nigeria. Born in anambra and grew up in Abuja. 
He started his music at the age of 15 and his first Song is Commit ft Rexlamar and Timi tune he was 

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