Can Teachers Wear Jumpsuits To Work?

So, you just looked through your closet and see this adorable jumpsuit you want to rock to work, but you are a teacher and not sure if teachers can wear jumpsuits to work. Or you just stumbled on this amazing jumpsuit you are not sure if you can wear it to work after you purchase it. Let me clear the air for you in this post.

Can Teachers Wear Jumpsuits To Work/School?

If you have ever wondered if teachers can actually wear jumpsuits to work, then know that the answer is YES, teachers can wear jumpsuits to work.
Jumpsuits are super comfortable and professional enough to pass as work clothes for a teacher. Just know that there are different types of jumpsuits so be sure you pick one that is work-appropriate just to be on the safe side. Read on to see more on this.

 Why Is Dress Code Important For Teachers?

Yes, I know, you just want to rebel and come into school one day with six inches high heel, crop top, shorts and a shiny clutch purse (lol, just kidding). But seriously, you may just have wondered why the fuss about dressing in a particular way while coming to school as a teacher when the students can almost get away with their own clothes. And on some days you want to throw something very classy but you get frustrated because it is not work-appropriate. Here's why:

1. You are the model: An important point to remember is that children are very good at modelling the behaviour they observe in adults. So, as their teacher coming in with less appropriate dressing, you can imagine what would be going on through their minds. Hence you need to play and look the role of their model as long as you are right in front teaching them. You have to maintain that respect. But don't sulk, there are other places you can still rock your other clothes to, including school events where there are no restrictions whatsoever (wink).

2. Your Comfort: You also need to stay comfortable in your attire throughout the day so what you throw on matters a lot. Trust me, you won't be all that comfortable in that cloth you are eyeing to wear to school. The stares you will get and also the fact that you will probably struggle to stay comfortable in them should be enough to change your mind.

What Are Jumpsuits Exactly?

In case you saw this post without having any prior idea of what jumpsuits are, or you are just inquisitive, let me just throw a quick definition for you. Jumpsuits are one-piece garments fashioned after a parachutist's uniform. 

It is now made as a fashionable garment incorporating trousers and a top in one piece which can be worn as a uniform, a protective garment or to make a fashion statement. I will be talking about the last one in this post.

 Why Jumpsuits?

Jumpsuits are trendy, comfortable and also professional enough for you to wear to work as a teacher. It is also a good way to switch up your style from your regular skirts and blouses without going too far.

Types Of Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have become a wardrobe staple among many women due to its versatility and ease not to mention that it gives off a sophisticated, put-together vibe. While jumpsuits are okay as professional clothes to wear to work as a teacher, ensure you are not going for one that would send out the wrong message. Here are the 3 different types of jumpsuits you should know (and maybe have) in order for you to keep an eye out to avoid the ones that are not good for work:

1. Jumpsuits For Work/Business:

Of course, we have established the fact that jumpsuits are work-appropriate! So, now you can decide to switch up your fashion style by taking out fancy, professional jumpsuits you can wear to work as a teacher or any other professional. Simply pair the beauty with sandals, shoes or even your favourite pumps. You will still look smart in it.

2. Jumpsuits For Date Nights:

You can actually trade your dinner gown for a sexy jumpsuit which is usually a fun and unexpected alternative to your dress. Go trendy by choosing one with a low cut neckline or something more playful like an off-the-shoulder or cut-out style and pair it with your favourite heels or boots.

3. Jumpsuits For Weekend:
Oh yeah, you can decide to kick back in your jumpsuit during the weekends as this can go as casual as you want. A weekend jumpsuit has a more relaxed shape and can be finished up with boots or sneakers.

In all, as long as your choice of jumpsuits is smart, great and professional, go for it.

What Are The Downsides Of Wearing Jumpsuits To Work?

You must have agreed with me that it's totally okay to wear jumpsuits to work as a teacher since it's professional for school. However, you may want to know that there are some downsides that come with wearing jumpsuits to work. These include:

1. Your principal may raise an eyebrow: This is very obvious as some teachers work in schools that have very strict dressing conduct which means scrutinizing every teacher's attire to ensure it's not defaulting. Some schools go as far as not allowing pants at all except on days it is necessary (like for sports and other events). So, if you find yourself in such a place, you may consider not even attempting to wear it so you don't risk having someone raise an eyebrow at your dressing. Nor would you want to appear with it to a sports event where you need to be as casual, free and light as possible.

2. Hot days may not smile on you in jumpsuits: In summer and hot days, you may not be all that comfortable wearing a jumpsuit to work as honestly, it won't give you much space to let the air hit your bare skin. This is because you would be wearing a jumpsuit that is all work-mode and won't let you show too much skin. 

3. You can easily pee yourself: If you are a frequent toilet goer, know that this may not be the best option for you. Why? Jumpsuits have got complicated openings and so before you would open it layer by layer to free yourself to use the toilet, you'll be lucky not to have peed yourself. In fact, you should know that it's only by removing the cloth halfway that you can actually be free enough to use the toilet. The worse thing is if it's a high zip at the back.

4. You can't switch it to casual: If your school is one that may come up with casual events in the middle of the day without prior notice, you may find yourself regretting your jumpsuit choice on days like this. What this means is that, for days when your schools just want to play a sport or have fun around the staff room or even take the kids out for a little tour at the park, you may find yourself overdressed compared to others who would just take off their jackets, roll up their sleeves, untuck their blouses or just throw open a few buttons at the top.

5. The ones you totally love are not work-worthy: The thing with jumpsuits is that you can actually get a decent one that is classy and all, but the ones that are totally adorable, chic and all you've ever dreamed of would have something that puts it off as not work-appropriate. Well, unless you can wear it to school without getting any negative remarks about it, you are good.

Best Jumpsuits To Wear To School As A Teacher

Jumpsuits are the perfect combination of practical, professional and smart. It can allow you to go from playing in class with your students, hitting a formal meeting with the staff or even hanging out with a colleague for lunch.
You must have seen lots and lots of eye-catching jumpsuits and you are just wondering which is the best one to wear to school. It's quite simple - the ones with good shoulder coverage or those ones that can be worn with a jacket. You would do yourself good by avoiding those with very short sleeves, short legs and low neckline. The reason you would want to stick to any of these two I mentioned is just so you don't have the principal or someone else calling you out for not dressing appropriately. Here are a few choices you'll love:

1. Decent Sleeve: The sleeve length may not always be an issue. But if your school frowns on short sleeves, just stick to something decent that won't raise brows. 

2. Decent Neckline: Even aside jumpsuits, you should know better than to go for clothes with very low necklines as a teacher. However, if you find one that is totally blowing your mind and is too low cut but you want to go for it, then wear a camisole underneath.

3. Decent Length: While your jumpsuits should be all shades of classy and also professional, you are not supposed to come into school with a jumpsuit that is above, or just below the knee or shin. It doesn't look smart at all. A regular smart and professional jumpsuit should sit on your ankle or slightly below/above it.

Can Teachers Pair Open-Toed Shoes With Jumpsuits?

While some people argue that open-toed shoes or sandals are not smart to wear to school generally, and others agree that it's totally okay, I personally think that it is a matter of personal choice, and maybe your school's decision. 
In some schools, teachers are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes at all because of safety. It lessens the chance of a serious injury if something drops on your foot and that is totally understandable. In others, if you are comfortable to appear in them, that's totally okay.
Honestly, open-toed shoes or sandals look great, smart, professional and cool. So, if you are fine wearing it maybe because of the weather, your school or simply because you are comfortable with it, then go for it.
So, over to the question, pairing it with a jumpsuit is totally amazing. It gives you a smart and professional look just like the picture below.
But remember, it's your personal choice if you are okay with pairing them together or not.

Want a good jumpsuit recommendation? Click here to take a look at a super classy, trendy and work-appropriate long-sleeved jumpsuit I found on Amazon.

So, what do you think? Are jumpsuits worthy to be worn to school as teachers? Are you willing to try it for once? Or you are just fine with your regular work attire?
Let's hear your thoughts below.


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